It is generally accepted that it is important for veterinary professionals to keep up to date with the current medical literature; however, when working in a busy practice, this can often be a challenging task to keep up with. Regularly scheduled journal clubs are a great way to bridge this gap.

Since these journal clubs are done as a group, it helps to distribute the work of reviewing the articles amongst multiple people. It also allows for more valuable discussions around the highlights of the article with your coworkers. With the journal club occurring on a regular basis, it assures that everyone is able to keep up with the most current literature that is coming out.

  • Beatrice Hertel - April 7, 2021 (Surgery)
  • Ioannis Tzouganakis - May 5, 2021 (Ophthalmology)  
Journal club online sessionsAll our sessions are offered via Microsoft Teams. Register for an account today! Please make a note of the email address you used as it will be relevant for the next step. Please register by providing us with your details by answering a few simple questions including the email address that you used to register for a Microsoft Teams account. To attend the session, you will just need to click on the relevant link we will be sending you as a part of the calendar invite.


  • Frequency: The journal club will occur on the first Wednesday of every month
  • Presenters: There will be one journal club presenter per meeting. The presenters will rotate monthly through all of the specialists at LVS. Linnaeus doctors are also invited/encouraged to present.
  • Audience: Veterinary surgeons and RVNs
  • Format: 1-hour Microsoft Teams meeting. The meeting will be recorded and made available for those that can’t attend. Presenters are encouraged to put together a PowerPoint or other visual component to review their articles, however, this isn’t mandatory.
  • Article Selection: Three articles will be reviewed at each meeting. These should be recently published articles, however, articles that are deemed seminal (i.e. by ACVECC/ECVECC) can also be included. Articles should be chosen from one of the major veterinary journals, however, human and other journals are acceptable if there is significant overlap or applicability to veterinary medicine. Articles should be emailed out to everyone one week ahead of the journal club date for everyone to review.

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