Our team at London Vet Specialists understands the significance and delicacy of the relationships you have with your clients. When you entrust your pets to us, you can trust that our entire team is devoted to maintaining the level of care you provide and reinforcing the trust your clients have in you.

So why should you choose London Vet Specialists?

Our top-notch facilities, expert knowledge, and diverse range of services are just some of the things you can expect when making a referral. Equally important to pet owners, everything we do is done with love and empathy. This is a promise and a commitment that lies at the core of our approach with every pet, owner, and referring veterinarian.

We are more than happy to discuss cases before referral and offer guidance on complex situations, without any obligation to refer. We can also assist with potential investigations, implications, and costs to give clarity and assurance to your clients before making a referral. We will keep you informed throughout the treatment process and discuss plans for the patient's discharge back into your care.

Ready to refer? Contact our Client Care team at 020 7433 0155 or make a simple online referral.

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