At London Vets Specialists, we offer a range of services as fixed price packages. Below you can view our pricing plans which aim to give you excellent services at affordable prices.

CT Scans

We are pleased to offer fixed prices for our CT scans across all services and our outpatient imaging service.

CT Scan What is included?
CT Scan (1 site) £1,800 Includes sedation or general anaesthesia, CT study, imaging interpretation, contrast administration and fluid therapy. Any sampling required will be at further cost
CT Scan (2 sites) £2,300
CT Scan (3 sites) £3,000
CT Scan Musculoskeletal £1,200
CT Scan follow – up £1,200
CT Sampling Fee £500 (Inclusive of Laboratory Fee’s)

Lap Spay:

We are pleased to offer fixed prices for Lap Spay procedure.

Lap Spay What is included?
 <20kg £1,800 Includes pre-operative consultation, general anaesthesia, laparoscopic spay, post-operative medications and two post-operative consultations
20-40kg £2,000
40-60kg £2,200
>60kg £2,400

Respiratory Surgery in dogs and cats:

We are pleased to offer fixed prices for Respiratory Surgery procedures.

Respiratory Surgery What is included?
 BOAS £3,600 Please refer to each procedure for what is included
Laryngeal paralysis £4,500

Aural Surgery

We are pleased to offer fixed prices for Aural Surgery procedures.

Aural Surgery What is included?
 TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation) £4,200 Please refer to each procedure for what is included
VBO (Ventral Bulla Osteotomy) - Unilateral £3,600
VBO (Ventral Bulla Osteotomy) - Bilateral staged £5,000


The LVS cardiology service, led by our specialist Joao Loureiro offers fixed prices for investigation of asymptomatic heart disease:

Cardiology What is included? / Requirements
 Asymptomatic Murmur Clinic £1,400

Consultation, Echocardiogram & ECG

Presence of heart murmur

• No associated clinical signs of advanced heart disease (arrhythmia/collapse/breathing difficulties)

Asymptomatic Murmur Clinic (Follow-Up) £700

Recheck consultation, Echocardiogram (recheck) & ECG

For asymptomatic murmur patients having ongoing monitoring through our cardiology service

Please note these prices do not take into account emergency fees or complications.

Unless stated in the above offers, medications are not included in the above fixed price packages. If additional tests/medications are required this will be discussed and subject to additional cost.

Requirement for pre-operative blood tests are at our discretion and based on clinical judgement and are included in these packages. If there is co-existent disease, additional tests/medications may be required and will be subject to additional costs

All Fixed Price Packages include the surgery required to treat a single, commonly diagnosed clinical condition. Should the clinical condition be more complex (e.g., cruciate disease and concurrent medial patella luxation), or should the patient have medical co-morbidities (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, hypothyroidism, etc) a supplemental charge may be applied.

Should CT or MRI be needed these are priced in addition to the package price.

Should the patient be considered high-risk for anaesthesia or require critical care, additional fees will be payable. Complications can happen with any surgical procedure, and any treatment outside of the package price is chargeable and will be fully discussed with you should this become necessary.

Further terms and conditions apply, available upon request. ​

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